Our Story: We're Just Getting Started


I created this business as an opportunity to make a difference. I'm a quirky creator and long time cat saver. My name is Mandi Farrell and I'm the one-woman-show behind Crafty Cats.

When you make a purchase from Crafty Cats, you are helping me save lives. My husband and I personally rehabilitate kittens in our home and work with shelters using up to 25% of the profits made here to fund rescue and help animals in need. 

My business is also a huge fan of the arts. I support independent artists from all over the world and incorporate their designs into our exclusive packaging. Every collaboration of our mascot cat, Demetria, can be found seasonally on our products. 

But we don't stop there. We also host and fund youth creative classes, speak to high school students, and help other entrepreneurs rock their businesses. We believe in rising by lifting others no matter what that looks like.

Our mission is simple. Be kind, give everyone a chance, and make a difference no matter how big or small. So let's save some animals and support creativity. Check out my shop and help me make a difference.

Come on, help a crazy cat lady out?