Project Crafty Cats

My husband and I have worked incredibly hard over the past 4 years to make a difference in our community by fully rehabilitating and saving over 20 kittens. For most of these cases, this meant bottle feeding a litter of kittens every 2-4 hours, the not so glamorous art of helping young kittens learn to potty, cleaning up mess after mess while still running this business, and in some cases, emergency trips to the vet that were very costly and the absolute fear of loosing a kitten overnight due to them being so young and fragile.

At one point, I was creating products, attending markets, and still running my online store with 15 rescue cats in my home. It's insane to think about and a moment of strength that I still pull from on the harder days, but from this I learned quickly that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

We rescued dozens of high risk kittens and decided to keep the rescue cats that had any ailments or anxiety, like Artemis our gray tabby cat with a cataract eye and severe allergies and Thea our fluffy gray tabby who is terrified of loud noises and anyone but me. Through this process we created our own cat community of 9 rescue cats. We use 2 of our 3 bedrooms as housing for them and rotate the boys and girls often, giving them tons of time to explore and socialize. Even though we stopped rehabilitating, we still donate to local animal rescues and help our community. 

Their rooms have tons of cat towers and toys, but my goal this year is to update their rooms with better flooring, tile halfway up the walls, brighter objects that peak interest, and even chairs for them to lounge in. I want their space to be fun and brighter, for them to have happy long lives, and to be able to clean their spaces a lot easier so that I can focus on giving them attention and creating beautiful things. 

Your purchases in 2021 with Crafty Cats will help me bring this idea to life and if you would like to donate any items please send an email to MandiFarrell14@gmail.com and I will work on getting a P.O. BOX as well. Thank you so much for being here, helping me make a difference, and allowing me to continue to create beautiful things.